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this community is maintained by </a></b></a>ohbutitsshiny

ex·alt ( P ) Pronunciation Key (g-zôlt)

tr.v. ex·alt·ed, ex·alt·ing, ex·alts

1. To raise in rank, character, or status; elevate.

2. To glorify, praise, or honor.

3. To increase the effect or intensity of; heighten.

</u></a></a>ohbutitsshiny (maintainer)


In the beginning there was </a></b></a>nonuglies, then came </a></b></a>n_u... then came some crazy fuck trying to h4x0r everything and be cool - </a></b></a>teh_exalted. Be fooled by imitations. If you are looking to get accepted into a soft community, or don't feel like hearing the truth, don't apply here. This isn't for you unless you are confident you are as hott as they come.


DISCLAIMER: </a></a>teh_exalted is a community</b> where people willingly come to be judged on their looks. No one forces people to come here - they come voluntarily because they either want to satisfy their curiosity, or they want to be a member of </a></b></a>teh_exalted themselves. Please read the rules below before posting.

The Rules

1. Most importantly and first on the list is that NUDITY is not allowed here. Neither are provocative photos of any kind from people under the age of 18. This community has members who are minors, and because of this you must follow this rule to the letter. Failure to do so will result in an immediate and unconditional ban, as well as a possible notification to LJ Abuse.

2. You will be voted on by existing members, and you will receive a stamp accepting or rejecting you. You can comment in your OWN post while awaiting your stamp. DON'T BOTHER posting someone else's photos and pretending it's you. This is infringement of personal privacy, and is possible grounds for your journal to be suspended. This is one of the problems that caused </a></a>nonuglies to be shut down to begin with. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and you WILL be reported to lj abuse.</b>

3. Try to post more than one photo, although this isn't a prerequisite. Do NOT post links. Your photos should include at least one clear face shot. Don't post shitty photos, and then wonder why people are complaining and giving you a "no". You can add other photos, body shots, etc if you want, but your face is what's going to get you in or out. Use an <lj-cut> for more than one photo! if you don't know how, go here. If you want to add photos to your post after it's up, you may do so - however DO NOT make a new post. Edit the existing post.

4. YOU CANNOT COMMENT WITHOUT A STAMP! Doing so will result in a ban. The only acceptable reason for bypassing this rule is to notify the moderators that there is someone attempting to get voted on using someone else's photos. PLEASE DO NOT post ads or promos of any type here. Also, text posts are the privilege of moderators ONLY.

5. Don't bother the moderators for a stamp for at LEAST 24 hours after you post if you have not received one, and NEVER make an additional post asking to be stamped. IM us. If we aren't on, too bad. Wait. Be patient. We have lives, too.

6. Don't get all whiny, indignant, righteous, and pissy if you don't get accepted. You know how it works here. This is one of the bullshit spin-off communities, but so what. We tell it like it is, and you are being warned.

7. Sometimes a situation arises where a person being judged is not ugly at all, but not quite right for here... they are definitely cute, and belong somewhere that appreciates their cuteness. If that's the opinion of the majority of our members, you will get referrals to </a></b></a>the_cuties (previously </a></b></a>thecuties).

8. Once you are a member of </a></b></a>teh_exalted, please bash other accepted members. This may seem petty, but we ARE a community and communities don't work very well if everyone has a hate-on for one another. This is why it is funny. However if we are in a bad mood we will ban you randomly for doing this. Go figure.

9. This community is to be taken seriously. IT IS NOT A JOKE!!!11!!! If you get rejected, too bad for you. No one cares.